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What is MyClearBrace?

The latest trend in braces can now be found in Hungary. You don’t have to use the traditional appliances anymore, yet you can have a bright smile with an attractive set of teeth.

The idea of using braces creates disturbing images for many people. They envision painful treatments, irritation in their mouths, inconvenience, and difficulty in brushing their teeth.  Of course everybody would like to have a bright smile without all of this struggle.

MyClearBrace makes it possible for you to avoid all of these hassles.  Learn more about this revolutionary new solution.

Features of the MyClearBrace braces:

•          invisible braces

•          made of a special durable clear plastic

•          unlike the traditional appliances it contains no metal

•          uses 3D technology and computer modeling to provide a preview of the future results

Advantages of the MyClearBrace braces:

•          they’re virtually invisible when worn

•          comfortable and convenient

•          they’re made of soft yet sturdy plastic so they move teeth with much lighter forces than metal braces

•          they can be taken out while eating or brushing teeth

•          they can be easily removed whenever desired

How does it work?

The MyClearBrace system is prepared with computer modeling using a special 3D printing technology to provide a series of clear plastic caps (that replace traditional metal braces) precisely fitting the teeth. Each piece is made with gradual adjustments compared to the previous one. These modifications will move the teeth in the right direction and to the correct location.

Patients will wear the braces 20–22 hours a day, and will only remove them while eating or brushing their teeth. Since the adjustments are very small, normally the treatments will be painless. The MyClearBrace braces will immediately fit the teeth. It is also important that they are aesthetically pleasing since the clear plastic makes them virtually invisible.

Benefits of MyClearBrace:

•          aesthetically pleasing

•          comfortable

•          the treatment brings excellent results

 The treatment will normally last for 3–9 months (time may vary with different patients), depending on the initial condition of the patient’s teeth and on the desired results.  Patients have to wear the braces for 20–22 hours a day.

The Process of Treatment

 The first step is that you must schedule a consultation with an orthodontic specialist who will tell you if it is possible to use the MyClearBrace technology in your case.

If the answer is “Yes!” the orthodontic specialist will introduce you to the details of the treatment process, tell you how to use the braces, inform you how often you have to come to the office as well as provide you with other important information.

Next, we take some traditional diagnostic steps: making X-rays and taking precision impressions. The precision impression is used by the laboratory to prepare a dental mold. The dental mold is used to prepare a sample that is transmitted to computer with the help of a 3D imaging scanner. The perfect set of teeth for you will be designed in the laboratory with the help of special software, and under the supervision of the orthodontic specialist.

Based on these templates a series of unique, invisible braces will be prepared in the laboratory with the help of the 3D printing technology in order to gradually move the teeth to the desired locations. During the period of the treatment the orthodontic specialist will regularly check the movement of the teeth. When following the prescribed treatment the caps should be replaced every 1 or 2 weeks, as long as the desired movement of the teeth is being realized.